Android M supports themes editors

Android M supports themes editors


In the preview version of Android M, developers have discovered that after rooting the ROM, it is possible to edit themes.

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Android will eventually feature what manufacturers have developed for their smartphones. Indeed, after Sony and its Xperia theme editor, HTC and the Sense personalization or Samsung’s new Touchwiz, it will be possible to change the basic appearance of Android interface.

An Android theme editor coming soon!

Google has not communicated about this feature and it’s the developers who enjoy discovering what lies behind the firm in its new version of Android. Google used the code used by Sony and its Xperia to propose this theme editor.

For now, it is not possible to do the same as Sony. At the release of the new OS, it will be possible to edit themes yourself without the obligation of rooting the device or installing a different ROM like it is the case currently.

With this Android theme editor, Google intends to limit the urge of users to install unstable ROMs … which can harm the user experience 🙁 . Full details will be announced at the release of Android M during the 4th quarter.