Best Android battery saver applications

Best Android battery saver applications


The autonomy is the main weakness of these technological jewels to the point that it has become one of the main points to be criticized by users. If the refill methods tend to multiply, different applications exist to extend the battery life of smartphones.

The best Android battery saver apps for your smartphone!

At present, it is difficult to hold a full day of intensive use with our smartphones. Who has never complained about having to recharge the device every day? You improved the battery life of your Androphone so it lasts few more minutes, but was it not enough?

Some models are equipped with a technology to optimize their autonomy, such as the Ultra Power Saving Mode for the Galaxy S5 and the Extreme Power Saving Mode for the HTC One M8 to name a few, but it remains for the minority.

Discover our selection of the top 5 applications improving the battery life of your Android smartphone:

5Battery Defender

“Battery saver easy to use! Extends the life of your battery! “. This is what we all want to have. It is one of the Android apps that allow you not only to know the exact percentage of remaining battery but also to save it by turning off WiFi when you pause your screen. A “Quiet sleeping” mode will disable the different connections when you sleep.

4Autorun Manager

Autorun Manager, formerly known as Autorun Killer, lets you disable the applications running automatically that you do not need. Two modes exist for this Android app, a “basic” mode for normal users and an “advanced” mode for the more experienced ones (with Chuck Norris mode). Beware, some applications are intended to not be disabled, certain precautions need to be taken before using Autorun Manager.


First thing to report, this application is not free and will cost you 3,35 $US. You will be able to program the deactivation of different connections depending on the time, day or place. Other features are available and of course you’ll probably need some time to better understand them all. It’s an application for “all those who want to go beyond the basic functions of their phone,” according to some user.

2Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Aesthetic and practical, Go Battery Saver & Power Widget is one of the most popular applications of its kind with over 15 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4/5. You have at your disposal the exact time that your battery will hold, widgets enhancing the autonomy of the device or the extra time obtained by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth etc.

1Juice Defender

Certainly the most complete application of the list. Juice Defender is an energy management application easy to use, designed to optimize the autonomy of Android devices. It will automatically handle the most energy greedy features such as WiFi and 3/4G. Different profiles are presaved but customization is possible. Also on the menu: a simple and intuitive interface, a WiFi geolocation control, intelligent brightness control and many other features.


  • Bonus app: Greenify


Greenify makes it possible to put on stand by, if you prefer, the applications running on the background when they are not in use and therefore consuming not only energy but also other resources. Like all the applications of its kind, saving one has a positive consequences on the other.

This simple idea of Greenify was unfortunately avaible only for rooted smartphones. However since few months, the app works on any device running at least with Android 2.0 (everyone, right?). Moreover, the absent “automatic mode” for the non rooted smartphones is now available. A one more reason to not hesitate..