Best Android music player apps

Best Android music player apps


Today, smartphones serve many purposes: they are no longer just simple phones but a multifunctional tools. Besides serving us as cameras or GPS devices, we like using them as MP3 players. To meet this need, Android has proposed a default music player. Even better, each manufacturer (Samsung, Sony, LG…) featured its own application instead of the one by Google. Unfortunately, they are far from perfection despite their successful integration into the operating system: few features, stability issues, poor interface…

best Android music player

Do you feel quite confusing about what music player to choose for your smartphone? Don’t worry! AndroidRealm offers you a selection of the best android music player apps available on Google Store. So if you are interested, follow the guide!

7jetAudio Music Player

If only the interface of your music player is what you do not like, why not try jetAudio Music Player. Very minimalist, it does not offer innovative features but includes the essential by supporting many file formats varying from MP3 and WAV to OGG or FLAC. A cool equalizer is also present in order to adapt to the different styles of music you listen to.

The interface consists of a sidebar with different view modes: artists, albums, songs, files … It is also possible to select a dark or a more clear theme. jetAudio Music Player exists also as a Pro version that adds a plethora of new features for extended use.


6Rocket Player

Rocket Player is another music player shining through the simplicity of its interface that fits very well with the latest versions of Android. In addition, the application provides a themes system to customize the look of Rocket Player.

Despite a few available options, the application has many shortcuts to listen to the music of your choice, you can control the player from your lock screen but also create playlists and organize podcasts. Like jetAudio Music Player, Rocket Player has a premium version with more options such as an equalizer and a more complete support for more file formats.


5N7player Music Player

Unlike the previous two apps, n7player offers a different approach to music listening. In fact, it opts for a more eye-catching visual interface. The publisher gave a great importance to the interface used to navigate smoothly into the application.

N7player Music Player offers the option to use tag cloud, very useful if you took the time to tag your albums. Thus, choosing a word will start the playback of all music titles associated with it. Music lovers will enjoy a very complete equalizer with widgets for your home screen. As a bonus, you can download the covers of your albums with few clicks.

N7 is available for a 14-days trial version but some features will not be available after 7 days. The application requires a purchase to be completely unlocked.



This application offers very similar features to those found in Apple’s music player.

DoubleTwist serves as a music player but also offers listening to the radio or managing your podcasts. All you have arranged with iTunes can be found in DoubleTwist via a more elegant interface. If the illustrations of your albums are missing, you can download them from the player. DoubleTwist also offers intelligent playlists based on the way you listen to your music.

The application is proposed as a free version but lacks some features that can be unlocked by purchasing the Pro version.



Poweramp is a reference among the Android music players and one of the most complete apps you can find in Google Play. With its elegant interface you will be able to choose every detail concerning the player interface: playlists with gradual fade, very complete equalizer, possibility to download lyrics

You will also find a tag editor and a support of many file formats. Like many of its kind, Poweramp can be tested for free for 15 days and then you will have to buy the full version.



A lot of people do not have any music on their device, or at least not in form of files. Indeed, now many services provide, through subscriptions, access to a huge catalog of music listenable anywhere and any time, of course an internet connection is required, otherwise, you can download directly to your device for the offline use.

There are a good number of similar apps but Spotify is from far the best-thought application. The free version lets you listen to its selection of playlists or albums chosen randomly. The premium version (with subscription) eliminates the ads but also allows you to listen any song and to save it on your device.


1Google Play Music

Google Play Music is, in some ways, a Spotify but with its own music library. Indeed, the application offers you not only the possibility to store up to 50,000 songs in your online space but also to enjoy radio stations. The Google Play Music features are classic: interface to navigate folders, albums or artists, shuffle Playback… However, this app is ads-free.

GPM is also a music store where you can buy many albums to add them to your collection.