Best free apps to help you plan your wedding

Best free apps to help you plan your wedding


If marriage is often seen as the most beautiful day of the life of a couple, it is also considered by the people involved as one of the most stressful. Between the robe, the cake, invitation cards… it is not an easy task to do in a very limited time. A wedding is a real economic investment as well as physical. Preparations are many and sometimes an unexpected situation can be tough to deal with. But do not worry, in order to make your marriage successful, we have selected for you 5 free apps that will help you organize your wedding without going over budget. Follow the guide and take notes, this might serve you some day!

1Wedding cakes Ideas

What would be a beautiful wedding without a beautiful cake? And yes, tradition requires, the ceremony must be perfect including the cake. So to help you to choose, we suggest you download the application Wedding cakes Ideas. The latter includes more than 300 ideas of different cakes, from classic to the most original. The goal is that you pick a cake as good as it looks, which looks like no other wedding cake.


2Wedding Escape

Every couple needs some stress relief especially when the big day is approaching, there is the game Wedding Escape. It offers an original puzzle game with coins and diamonds to align. A very entertaining reflection game allowing you to relax and relieve the pressure before the D-Day. Moreover, it’s funny and quirky characters allow you will stay in your groom bubble, and prepare for your new life, gently.


3Our Wedding Planner

Our wedding is a simple app to help you plan a perfect wedding. It feature a guest list manager, to-do list, budget estimation and even a countdown timer all in one place. With this app your task will be easier and your expenses will be reduced, you can also invite family or friends to help you get every detail done right.


4Wedding Party

This is a must have app for your wedding day, it collects photos from all of your guests and keep them connected and in the loop as you count down for your big day. You can use the planning features to keep track of dates and to share event logistics. Also to create private groups so your guests share their stories before the wedding day.


5Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decorations helps you to find the best wedding decorations of all kinds. If you are not yet sure about the table, balloons, candles or the flower bouquets, this app can help you to choose the most suitable decor for your wedding day.