EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher



  • “Everything.me May Be the Smartest, Most Dynamic Android Launcher Yet”. ~ LifeHacker.com
  • “One app made me love Android and BLOWS AWAY iOS. One app.” ~Robert Scoble
  • Selected by Google as a Top Developer
  • Webby Award Winner

EverythingMe is a Contextual Launcher™ that delivers everything you need from your phone in just one tap.
The launcher surfaces the apps, contacts and information you want based on your context: your location, the time of day, your individual preference, and more.
All your apps and information will remain on your phone, they’ll just be neatly organized and easier to access!


  • Smart Folders™ automatically organize your apps into folders you choose
  • Quick Contacts Panel – Just swipe left to call or message your top contacts, automatically selected for you
  • The Prediction Bar™ anticipates your needs and delivers the apps you need right now, according to your context
  • Fastest search on Android – Type just one letter to get apps, contacts or info
  • Context Feed -Access your missed calls, recent photos, calendar and more with just one tap on your home screen
  • Customizable Gestures will bring the features you love most the way you like them
  • Lucky / Daily Wallpaper options surprise you with beautiful wallpapers on your phone
  • Contextual App Discovery means no need to search through millions of apps in the store – your launcher will help you discover great matches for you
  • Drag and drop any item right to your home screen or a Smart Folder, anytime
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