Google Photos tags black people as “gorillas”, Google Apologizes

Google Photos tags black people as “gorillas”, Google Apologizes


When it comes to anything related to technology, no wonder that Google is the dominant company in the world , it is often because the US giant took the lead through a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign. But now the Mountain View firm is the laughingstock of the web because of its new application Google Photos.

Google gorilla

whereas Google offered faces recognition through its Photos app, a racist bug has created a controversy: people with black skin in the photos are tagged as gorillas! Google has already apologized.

This is the controversy of the day. The new application Google Photos tags people with black skin as gorillas. For those who have not yet used Google’s new app, which is actually the old photo service integrated with Google+, know that it automatically tags your photos via a specific algorithm.

Thus, the application can recognize faces, objects or animals and generate albums based on objects it identifies. The problem is that this very annoying bug was discovered by several users. The photos that include people with black skin are identified by Google Photos like gorillas. A Mistake that gives a racist image of the firm while this is absolutely not the case.

Moreover, as soon as the problem was noticed, Google fixed it. Yonathan Zunger, Chief Social Architect of Google and therefore responsible for Google Photos immediately apologized and deleted the bug. How? By clearing the “gorilla” tag.

This is a temporary solution while waiting for a new update. However, the responsiveness of Google is to be welcomed, especially since this is not the first time that Google Photos presents this kind of bug because some users are tagged as dogs on some photos.