Google Photos: the new application to manage and store your pictures for...

Google Photos: the new application to manage and store your pictures for free


After M Android, Google has profited from the event tonight to lift the veil on its new application Google Photos. Now the image management is not integrated with Google+, but managed by a separate application which is enriched with new features to provide a better experience.

Pursuant to the leaks of last week, the new application Google Photos will provide easy management and organization of the images from your device (smartphone, tablet). With a simple screen pinch, it will be possible to navigate to a certain period of time, one year, one week or one day.

Google Photos organisation
Google Photos organisation

The application will also offer collections to centralize photos taken at the same location or with the same people. You will have nothing to do, Google will handle all thanks to geotagging photos and face recognition. A search engine will also be available within the application.

Of course, like any respectful photo application, this app offers an editing tool and provide the opportunity to make adjustments and even adding GIF animations using multiple images. Furthermore, the selection of images will be improved. In fact, it will be possible to select multiple images with a simple swipe of finger. The application will also facilitate the sharing of images and will create private sharing groups.

Google Photos edition
Google Photos editor

Finally, the icing on the cake, the media will be stored in high definition 16 megapixel for photos and Full HD 1080p for videos, without loss of quality and 100% free and unlimited. The application will be available within a few hours on Android, iOS and the web.