Now you can send Google Maps directions from desktop to your Android...

Now you can send Google Maps directions from desktop to your Android device


Chances are you can relate, you happen to be sitting at your office, typing away on your desktop or laptop, and you are getting ready to go somewhere. You start planning your trip and pull up the famous Google Maps to get an idea where you are heading, and then you remember that this part should have be done on your mobile device so you do not have to retype everything when you are about to leave.

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About a month ago, Google updated Maps allowing users to send directions pulled up from a desktop browser to the Google Maps app on iOS devices.

Now this feature is enabled for Android devices too, and it works from Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer desktop browsers. If you have installed the latest version of Google Maps (9.11.0) on your Android smartphone or tablet, just sign in with your Google ID, then the option to send directions from the browser to your compatible device should automatically appear.

The sent directions will appear as a notification on your device, and you are good to go to begin navigating or adjust the route. This new feature is certainly going to be quite handy, especially for those who go straight to Maps rather than Search when looking for directions. If you need the latest version, you can find it over on APK Mirror.