Samsung faces a lawsuit over pre-installed bloatware on its devices

Samsung faces a lawsuit over pre-installed bloatware on its devices


If you do not like having too many applications installed by default on your smartphone, you are not alone! A Chinese consumer association has launched lawsuits against Samsung and Oppo. What is the accusation? You installed too much “bloatware”, these applications are present by default on the phone and not always easy to uninstall.

Samsung Galaxy bloatware

Following numerous complaints from consumers, the association took over the case. Customers in question complained about being forced to have all these unnecessary applications and that the latters occupy too much of storage space. Moreover, it is not always possible to remove them, unless you have a rooted smartphone. Such lawsuit appears to be indispensable because when you take a look at the number of pre-installed apps on some mobiles, you won’t believe it.

No less than 44 pre-installed applications have been found in the Galaxy Note 3 and 71 on the Oppo Find 7a! Yep you read it right 🙂 , these impressive figures annoy users. However, we all know that bloatware is not a Samsung and Oppo exclusivity. Indeed, operators also adds their own applications, like AT&T that adds a load of junk apps like AT&T Locker, AT&T Navigator and many others.

ATT Apps list

Anyway, we must admit that Samsung is trying to reduce the number of bloatware on its phones, for example the TouchWiz interface on the Galaxy S6 has very few bloatapps compared to older models of the brand.

Tell us how many pre-installed apps by brands and operators you have on your smartphone, and especially if you use them or not.