Top 5 Best Video Player Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Video Player Apps for Android


Facing issues while playing videos on your Android device and you want a good app to get a better experience? Well, this article will surely help you to pick the best media player for Android. Keep in mind that many smartphone manufacturers add their own custom video players, however, most of these players come with poor interface and can’t play all video formats, and few people want to browse through the Photo-Centric gallery for media from their side loaded video collection. Here third party players appears very useful, luckily there are plenty to choose from. To help you get rid of searching Google store for the best options to go for, We have listed here the top 5 best video player apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

samsung galaxy note video

With the rapid evolution of the Internet, It became possible to access to most video content on websites like YouTube and Vimeo just by streaming directly over Wi-fi, LTE or even HSDPA data. However, even the smuggest streamaholic will look rather silly when they’re next on a train ride between two cities and their data connection looks slower than a snail on valium.

If you have enough space in your Android device to keep your collection of movies, music videos, documentaries… all loaded onto your phone, for just such an occasion, ensuring that your entertainment is independent of the vagaries of your internet connection. You may even save a lot of money in bandwidth too.

While reviewing the apps before listing here, we came across tons of video players for Android, some are paid, other recommended. Armed with a Samsung Galaxy Note filled with MP4 and other video material of different formats, then we tested each and quickly rejected all apps that were slow or buggy, poorly optimized or full of in-app ads. So we ended up with a top 5 video players, as follows. If you’re looking for something like this, then these a try first.


KMPlayer features a Floating Screen that allows Multi-tasking, you can continue watching your video while sending a text or browsing the web, also it supports subtitles in all formats with total sync control. A playback option is available to slow down or speed up any video. (Reduce speed 0.1~4.0 Increase speed), all this through one finger control.

KMPlayer supports HD videos and 30 languages, it is optimized for subtitles control, video playback speed and favorite playlist.

4HD Video Player

HD video player is the easiest Android video player, it has a powerful video decoding capabilities to give you easy access to all video files stored on your phone.

HD video player has many interesting features such an automatic identification of all the video files in the phone, thumbnail display, possibility to delete and rename files with a built-in browser…


The legendary ad-free Android video player that easily plays any video or music file. It’s a free MP3/MP4 player! This powerful all-in-one media player supports videos, music, MP3, MP4 and YouTube videos search and playback on your Android device. This app is a good free option to play your playlist, movies and videos.

RealPlayer supports voice commands for search, available in 9 languages and has a built-in function to search Bing, YouTube, and other sites

2VLC for Android beta

In theory, the king of all video players on almost all platforms, VLC has a rich history and a very capable code, it’s pretty good on Android devices too, albeit with the “beta” tag. Playback is smooth, with a range of acceleration and decoding options, plus the interface is minimalist but intuitive, it helps you with hints when playing a video, especially the brightness adjustment (potentially very useful) and volume, both handled with a swipe up or down the screen – these then disappear after a few seconds.

There is a variety of themes to choose from, helpful on LCD/AMOLED screens, plus an equalizer, but there still a few rough edges, no “history” page, which is pretty useless, listing the same video multiple times when all you were doing was resuming it. Plus the initial “loading” when you first start VLC takes time because all audio files needs to be scanned and there’s still extra waits when you switch back to the app.

1MX Player

The best third party video player for many people, it is available in ad-supported and ‘pro’ versions. MX Player is perfect and well supported, with a very clear and utilitarian interface, yet immensely powerful for nerds who need to fiddle (e.g. with codecs).

Anecdotally, playback quality and overall UI smoothness was the highest here, multi-core decoding which boosts dual-core (or more) device’s performances up to 70% compared to single-core devices.