ZUI Locker: a must-have Android lock screen app

ZUI Locker: a must-have Android lock screen app


ZUI Locker is a creative, efficient lock screen. It will impress you upon the first time activating it with its beautiful animations and stylish execution. Of course, it’s not only style and no substance to be taking a gander at in here! Swipe up on the lockscreen and you will engage possibly the prettiest pull-up toggles menu there is. This Android app is strong in its design, presenting a paper-like interface.

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From the menu, you can access Wi-Fi, flashlight, data, sounds, and adjust brightness. Below these, there are shortcuts to Wallpaper, Layout, RAM Boost, Settings and a funny mini-game which rewards you with app recommendations. The final row contains customizable shortcuts to the camera, social apps and the call menu.
Arguably, the most fun you’ll be having with ZUI is in the app’s Settings menu, which is rich in features. It starts with Smart Screen On and Privacy Protection – the screen automatically turns on when your phone goes out of your pocket and showing you the amount of unread notifications while keeping the messages content hidden.

Other interesting features are Double Tap To Sleep, which is self-explanatory, or Mistouch Prevention Mode, which prevents unlocking the phone by mistake. When it comes to the bread & butter of a lockscreen, though, that’s where ZUI Locker shines. You can comfortably set your security pattern, choose among vibrant lockscreen themes (free & paid), or download a new free HQ lockscreen wallpaper (one per day).

So far, very good! So, what are ZUI Locker’s negative aspects? First, the interface is a bit too color-happy and minimalist, which makes it a bit confusing in terms of time of getting used to the handling of the application. The second bug in the cake is that ZUI is heavily monetized. Although we admit that the amount of free content you get is quite important qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to unlock the catalog of VIP lockscreen widgets and wallpapers will require you to spend real money or download the sponsored apps. However, we can’t really complain about such practices, especially since this approach is cleaner than the built-in banner ads, after all, the app needs to generate some income, we felt necessary to point out the monetization methods so you obtain a better idea about what to expect.

Still, ZUI Locker is free for the most part, and really elegant. If you like screen lockers, definitely give it a try!