Best rpg games for Android

Best rpg games for Android


This is our top 5 list for the best Android RPG games :


Reaper was a surprise for many gamers. This RPG is based on an original gameplay system as there is a “use” button. The universe is pretty nice and the graphics are good. The best way to understand the originality of Reaper is to play it.


4Dungeon Hunter 4

If you feel the soul of a warrior or a wizard, you will be able to explore dungeons and slay monsters in Dungeon Hunter 4, the recent born in the popular series of action RPG on Android. Pick up various items to improve your character and face the impressive bestiary that gets in your way. And do not forget the cooperative mode is available to explore this rich universe with friends!


3Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Discover the beloved Final Fantasy universe through a partnership between DeNA and Square Enix. Whether for fans of the series or novices of the genre, this game will please you. This is a role play as we have seen, with a simple gameplay, but comprehensive enough to allow you to have a good time. So take your weapons and ready your spells for an outstanding aventure never seen !


2The Bard’s Tale

PC RPG players may already be familiar with The Bard’s Tale, a game released in 2005 and regularly present during Steam sales. In late 2012, inXile Entertainment released it on Android

Thanks to the quality work to adapt the game on Android devices, it looks more than satisfactory. The game is very successful,  with an omnipresent humor that gives it a real own style. The story is about a bard whose destiny is to save the world. Well, perhaps, because it does not seem so simple, the bard is not necessarily agree, and the narrator, for that matter, does not hesitate to tell.

For those interested, the game worth 2.28 euros (during the promotion period -50%) and requires a 2.3 or higher version, but if the store displays a theoretical size of 16 MB, users specify between 1,7 and 3,2 GB will be needed in reality the game for including HD graphics.


1Cyberlords – Arcology

A fantastic role play game in the style of cyberpunk and futuristic fantasy at once, similar to Warhammer 40k or D&D, with gameplay similar of the very recent Hotline Miami on PC. This is a hack’n’slash in a 3/4 view at The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or even Pokemon.

The retro style graphics will appeal particularly retro-gaming fans, very fashionable at the moment. The full game costs 1.18 € and requires version 1.6 and 13 MB of HD space, you can also try the demo version.