Good deal: To celebrate the 25 years of the Neo Geo, SNK...

Good deal: To celebrate the 25 years of the Neo Geo, SNK is selling off its games at 84 cents


SNK, the Japanese publisher of arcade games, but also the manufacturer of the Neo Geo console, celebrates 25 years of his console. And for the occasion, you can get the entire catalog of games on the Play Store for 0.84 $.

For SNK, any excuse is good to sell its catalog of games. After 20 years of the King of Fighters series, now, it is the turn of the Neo Geo to celebrate itsĀ  25 anniversary and lower the prices of Japanese games publisher. From now until May 7, 11 SNK games can be purchased for 0.84 cents while they are usually found around 2 or 3 dollar. There is a bit of everything, you can find essentially fighting games (Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown II, The King of Fighters 97, 98 and 2012, and the legendary Garou: Mark of the Wolves) and some horizontal scrolling shooters (Metal Slug I, II , III, and X). All the games (or at least most of them) are excellent, but it is advisable to have a joystick Bluetooth to enjoy. Links to the Play Store are available below:


Note that some of these games may not work under Android 5.0