Steam: a version for the Android devices is available

Steam: a version for the Android devices is available


It is now possible to connect to your Steam account through your Android smartphone.

Steam is a famous download platform for PC games developed by Valve (the creators of the famous Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, Team Fortress …). The mobile version gives you access to a wealth of information related to the world of video games. You can keep your account updated, consult the online catalog of the latest releases, buy games and profit from the latest deals and discounts. Also, you will be able to discuss with friends (connected to their PCs or smartphones) and compare your scores through the chat function. Steam will not leave you anymore!

The features of Steam for Android

Keep yourself updated of the latest releases, get an information about a particular PC game, discuss with your “gamers” friends … Steam for Android keeps you connected to your profile even when being away from your beloved computer. We present here three features offered by the mobile version of Steam:

The catalog

The Steam application is very effective to keep you informed about any news and most importantly, to never to miss a promotional offer. To view the catalog, just touch the button “Menu” on the top left and select “Catalog“. You can then sort the games by discount, release date or popularity.

The search function

To obtain informations about a specific game, search for its title through “Search” to filter the desired result. This takes you to the page containing the game’s description, its requirements and even some screenshots. From here you can buy (Add to Cart) or add it to your wish list.

The chat

To find your friends list on Steam, simply click on “Friends“. Once you picked a connected mate to chat with, simply touch the name to access his profile (including the games he own) or to touch the Chat button to start the conversation. Adding and deleting friends is also possible.