ZRRO, 4K console under Android Kitkat

ZRRO, 4K console under Android Kitkat


With a Kickstarter project being financed, ZRRO is a video game console by¬†ZRRO Ltd under Android which are, remember, very few …

Few manufacturers are investing in the gaming sector: If Nvidia has distinguished itself by offering terminals oriented towards the “gaming” (Nvidia Shield Tablet, Nvidia Shield Console …), this is not the case with the other manufacturers who are leading the mobile devices market.

ZRRO pad
ZRRO box

This is the challenge that made ZRRO Ltd with its home console, equipped with a quad-heart processor, 2GB of RAM and 4K resolution. All delivered with Android 4.4 Kitkat.

An Android 4.4 console with 4K resolution and HDMI ports

The special feature of this console lies not only in its ability to transform your TV into a giant tablet, but also in its design. The ZRRO Pad is a dual touch touchscreen that will serve you as a gamepad to play your favorite Android games, in fact, no need to touch the screen with your fingers, the controller “sees” their positions and moves the cursor according to your movements. Just touch the panel to confirm your choice.

200,392 $ was donated through 762 contributors until now, the Android console will be available from October 2015 for a price of 199 $.