Galaxy S6 Edge: scratches on the screen caused by the official Samsung...

Galaxy S6 Edge: scratches on the screen caused by the official Samsung case!


Informed about the problem by SamMobile, Samsung said to the specialized site that it is aware of this issue and currently conducting its investigation in order to define the cause. Until we know more, we advise you to be careful if you are using a Samsung Clear View case.

In a case of twisted irony, it seems that the easiest way to grossly scratch your new Galaxy S6/S6 Edge’s display is by using the official Samsung Clear View case. Yes the Galaxy S6 Edge monitor may become covered scratches if you’re using the accessory supposed to protect it.

Samsung Clear View case

With its Gorilla Glass 4 glass, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge should be able to resist the worst scratches that can be inflicted to it. But obviously, it seems that the Korean smartphone has found his kryptonite. And like Superman, that of the Galaxy S6 Edge comes from its own planet.

Well, let’s stop metaphors and talk about facts. On the site XDA, many users have complained of seeing a significant number of stripes on the entire facade of the Galaxy S6 Edge since the moment when it is covered in the official case, Samsung Clear View.

This case is a flip cover accessory intended to cover the smartphone but it keeps the screen visible. The problem is the presence a slight space between the two facades that causes slippage of the upper face on the monitor of the smartphone.

Samsung Clear View case scratches

These slippages, which also occur when the smartphone in pocket, cause significant damage to the entire surface of the front face of the device. It is unfortunate when we know that the main advantage of this Galaxy Edge S6 is its screen.

For those who think that this is an isolated case, think again. The problem identified on the XDA forum already has six full pages of testimonials from users reporting the same problem. Suffice to say that it is not about a minor issue.

Until now, Samsung did not released any official statement, but if the brand will treat this problem like it did with the issue of the S6 Galaxy low performances because of its RAM, then it should not delay to communicate on the subject.