Galaxy S6: more than 40% of buyers are iPhone users

Galaxy S6: more than 40% of buyers are iPhone users


Although we do not yet have the official sales statistics of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, we know that the last two Korean jewels sell well and very well, even if they still fail to dethrone the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus according to Counterpoint. A recent study conducted by the resale sites CompareMyMobile and GadgetValuer revealed that 40.69% of buyers are former iPhone users.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6

By referring to this study, since the 10th April, a date that corresponds to the release of the last two flagships from Samsung, 18.5% of the users who already changed their smartphones opted either for a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Edge S6. Among these buyers, 55.17% were former users of Samsung phones. Nothing surprising considering the high loyalty rates appreciated by the Korean manufacturer.

However, if more than half of buyers are longtime users of the brand, 40.69% of them are former iPhone users against only 2.07% of former Sony users, 1.3% from HTC and 0.69% from LG. In addition, the most traded or resold smartphones against one of the two S6 are, in descending order: Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Galaxy S5, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

Note also that between the 18.5% of these switchers and before opting for one of the two S6, 12.76% are interested in the classic version and only 5.75% by Edge release. This is surprising especially when you consider that 8.29% of the respondents thought about buying a Galaxy S5 which is therefore placed just in between the two, probably because its price has dropped.

Finally, another study demonstrated that among the 27.94% who switched for an iPhone 6, 16.76% are former Samsung fans and 78.61% were already Apple users.