Galaxy S6: pictures showing that the case is peeling!

Galaxy S6: pictures showing that the case is peeling!


We all know for years that Samsung manufactures quality products. And yet, it happens even to the best firms to experience moments of weakness, as shown by the AndroidPIT website team that brought to light a chink in the armor of the Galaxy S6, which decidedly starts to accumulate some problems.

samsung galaxy s6 case problem
We like to have a removable back on the Galaxy S6, but not this way.

Generally designed with metal, plastic and glass (not to mention the internal components), manufacturers assemble their devices by fitting then gluing the various elements together. At first glance, once finalized, they seem robust and when we make acquisitions we are happy. A few weeks later, the first defects become visible highlighting some defects, in this instance, a problem with fixing the back of the smartphone.

As the pictures show, the Galaxy S6 seems to want to improvise a removable case which we would like to have. The team of AndroidPIT specifies that this model has never suffered shocks and was never in contact with liquids or exposed to the sun too long.

Galaxy S6 case problem
Maybe an isolated incident?

The origin of this problem is located at the lower speaker. The team that made the discovery has therefore addressed the problem and tried to find out if other people experienced such thing. This brings us to this testimony explaining that the battery was swollen and deformed hull of its smartphone. But this seems to be another problem to add to the list, given that the AndroidPIT pictures show no swelling signs.

Although it is still too early to determine the gravity of the problem, the site team was keen to warn Samsung, the latter quickly responded that a detailed assessment is conducted to identify the causes of this problem.
If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6, have you noticed this problem on your device?