HTC apologizes and promises a new phone for October

HTC apologizes and promises a new phone for October


Despite compelling advantages, the Taiwanese manufacturer has received a lot of criticism about its latest flagship. The company’s management announced to its shareholders that they are developing accordingly an innovative new smartphone for Android M.


The HTC One M9 does not seem to get the expected results and the firm is paying the price despite all the new derivatives that the M9 featured. This is what led the entire leadership to apologize to its shareholders and to announce solutions to calm the atmosphere.

HTC has promised the arrival of a new smartphone in October that would put great emphasis on innovation with more investment in the R&D and a bigger marketing budget. And in order to develop new ideas, HTC plans to get into the development of virtual reality to its next devices and applications.

The One M9, despite good characteristics has been criticized by many fans. First of all due to its lack of originality compared to its predecessor, the One M8. Then because the smartphone users were disappointed by several grave hardware issues, for example The Snapdragon 810 selected for the M9 has experienced serious problems with heating, and the camera was also been criticized. The Toshiba T4KA7 installed on the flahship instead of traditional Sony Exmor for the high-end proved not to be the best choice.

HTC heat issues
A thermal image shows that the M9 (right) is significantly hotter than the M8. (by arstechnica)

Although these problems were more or less fixed, the damage is already done and the manufacturer has lost too much ground to its competitors.
HTC should not even renew the marketing contract with Robert Downey Jr who was supposed to give a glamorous image to the brand.