Lenovo unveils Smart Cast: a smartphone with laser projector

Lenovo unveils Smart Cast: a smartphone with laser projector


Lenovo unveiled at Tech World the main themes of its strategy in the mobile segment. Among the announcements: Smart Cast, a smartphone with a projector. If the idea is not new to Lenovo products, the manufacturer goes further by offering tactile projected images.

Lenovo held in China the Lenovo Tech World, a conference that aims to uncover the technological concepts straight out from the laboratories R & D of the manufacturer. Among them, the Smart Cast that allows to turn the smartphone into an interactive projector.

A smartphone and a projector, a new era of technology

Lenovo understood that our smartphones and tablets have become the main tools of our digital devices. These intelligent products come with multiple functions. The firm decided to expand their pallets of usage by leveraging the built-in projector. In this way, the brand introduced us the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 pro that integrates a pico projector.

Lenovo has decided to go even further by integrating a laser projector in her smartphone.

This integration is a real technological achievement especially when looking at the size of the projector. It measures 34 mm x 26 mm 5 mm, dimensions that should not have too much impact on the silhouette of the smartphone.

Lenovo integrates the smallest laser projector into a smartphone

The mobile that we can see comes with a simple concept. However, the brand shows a form factor built around the projector. It allows to keep the device in a vertical position. The engineers went far beyond the simple image projection function, indeed, the Smart Cast offers a touch projected image. The idea is to use this feature on large surfaces. As shown in the video it will be possible to type emails or SMS from a keyboard projected onto a table or play Fruit Ninja.

With the crutch and the projector, the smartphone turns any surface touch interface.

Smart Cast is an ingenious idea and the product made by the manufacturer is promising. It remains to see beyond the demo video and we hope that Smart Cast will not be a battery executioner.

Currently no marketed product integrating this technology has been announced. When it will be the case, we hope that Lenovo will not forget to equip it on Motorola devices. We remind you that Lenovo branded products are not marketed outside of Asia except for the Motorola brand.