Microdia presents a 512 GB microSD card

Microdia presents a 512 GB microSD card


During the Computex, Microdia has unveiled a new 512 GB microSD card.


The microSDXC cards can go up to 2 TB, however until now we never seen cards with more than 512 GB of storage capacity. This is what Microdia announced, however, you will need to pay 1000 $ for this Xtra Elite version, capable of transferring data at 300 Mbps (class Ultra High Speed 2 – UHS-2). For comparison, a 64 GB card costs less than 20 dollars.

Microdia-micro-SD-512The performances are quite impressive for a card just one millimeter thick. Be careful though, your device does not accept any card. In fact, the SD standard has three main families: standard SD cards (based on the SDA 1.0 specifications), High Capacity SD cards (SDHC) – SDA 2.0 – and the Extended Capacity SD cards (SDXC) – SDA 3.0.


The first category can support between 128 MB and 2 GB, the second from 4 to 32 GB and finally the last that starts from 64 GB and capable in theory to reach 2 TB. These three standards are the same for the SD cards as for microSDs.

Android limits

The microSDHC cards are formatted in FAT32 by default. This is the file system used by Android. The main problem with the microSDXC cards is that the exFAT file system is used. The source code of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) does not support exFAT file system. This requires that the ROM developers add support for this file system.

If your version of Android does not support this file format, there is a solution: format the microSDXC card with the software GUI FAT32 Format (for Windows). The FAT32 file format has a major drawback as it does not support more than 4GB files, which can cause issues for some users who want to transfer large files into the card.