OnePlus One: The touchscreen bug is fixed with the latest update

OnePlus One: The touchscreen bug is fixed with the latest update


An embarrassing problem appeared with a recent update of the OnePlus One, the touchscreen became buggy and not responding very well. After a few weeks, the solution is finally here.

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One had a few issues lately. If Bluetooth connection that stops was not necessarily very annoying, the trouble with the touchscreen made users furious.

During an update of both Cyanogen OS 12 and Oxygen OS, the screen doesn’t respond properly anymore. On a smartphone, you can quickly realize the importance of reactivity thereof. Weeks passed and no patch was released. Even worse, The brand announced that developers are focusing on the next smartphone, but promised a correction of any bug.

OnePlus One Touchscreen issues

Finally, the Cyanogen OS 12 was updated, the changelog of this new version is quite poor:

  • Fixing the problem of the touchscreen
  • Fixing the problem leading to randomly disconnect the Bluetooth connection
  • Fixing the problem occurring when sending MMS from some operators

Nevertheless, the update was published only on the Cyanogen website and can be retrieved manually (download link). It weighs 566 MB, therefore, if your device is under the YNG1TAS17L version it is more advisable to download just the patch available here (20 MB), then simply save the file on your phone and restart via Recovery mode to begin installing. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, full update or small patch, your data will not be deleted. However, if you are not in a hurry just be patient and wait for Cyanogen to send the update to your smartphone.

Concerning devices under Oxygen OS OnePlus gave no news, but in any case, if the hotfix is available for Cyanogen OS it should not take long to be released for the other one.