A smartphone with a battery of 10000 mAh? Oukitel will release one

A smartphone with a battery of 10000 mAh? Oukitel will release one


Chinese brand Oukitel is preparing a smartphone with a gigantic 10,000 mAh battery. It is still a prototype, but in theory, it would allow the device to last about a week before plugging it to a charger.


This is not a scoop: our smartphones are discharged quickly, too quickly. A day on average, sometimes two if they are not used too much. Meanwhile, the external batteries manufacturers have never ceased to develop new solutions to keep our devices away from the electrical outlets. In this context, the chinese brand Oukitel is planning to release a new device with a beast battery.

Currently in prototype stage and without a predefined name, this mobile embarks a battery of 10,000 mAh, no less. Such capacity in an external battery will typically provide 5 full reloads. Thus, we can assume that the Oukitel smartphone would last about a week on a single charge.

OUKITEL 10000mAh
We don’t know much about this smartphone

The first look, at least on the prototype, is not as thick as one might have thought. The Oukitel (let’s call it with this name for now) looks like an reinforced smartphone (similar to the Caterpillar S50 or the Crosscall Trekker-X1). Aside from its battery capacity and the indication of “Android 5.1” as OS version, nothing is known about this phone.

OUKITEL 10000mAh Android 5.1
Oukitel managed to not to thicken the smartphone despite the battery size

With such enormous battery, there are concerns that the specifications might be a little outdated. Oukitel needs also to think about a good heat removal system, necessarily superior to the ones in our current smartphones. The manufacturer may opt for a dual battery system, the second will only be activated when the first is empty (like in the Gionee Marathon M5).

And you, what do you think of a smartphone with a 10,000 mAh battery? Would you be willing to sacrifice finesse for a longer battery stand-by time? Let us know in comments!