Turing Phone: a mysterious ultra-secure smartphone, but also unbreakable

Turing Phone: a mysterious ultra-secure smartphone, but also unbreakable


Just like the Blackphone, the famous anti-NSA smartphone, the Turing Phone embeds a variety of softwares designed to protect all your personal data. In addition, this smartphone has the particularity to withstand all shocks. The Android 5.0 Lollipop was chosen as an OS for the device.


The american company Robotic Turing has unveiled its first smartphone: the Turing Phone. Like the mathematician Alan Turing, the Turing Phone is a master of encryption. In the manner of Blackphone, it has a software interface designed for securing your privacy and all your exchanges. The company announced that the Turing Phone will be impervious to all forms of malware and other intrusive programs. Thus, two owners of this device can exchange their bank details by SMS or call without fear of theft.

Turing Phone
The safety and preservation of our personal data. A niche that mobile devices manufacturers couldn’t ignore these days.

In addition to its ultra-secure side, the Turing Phone also adopts an ultra-resistant side. The smartphone is molded in one piece of metal alloy which, on paper, it offers a greater resistance than titanium or steel. Thereby, the device is protected  against shock and screen breakage.

As for the technical specifications, the Turing Phone will feature a Full HD screen (1080p) of 5.5-inch. For the processor, it will carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (2.5 GHz) along with 3GB of RAM to ensure a high level of responsiveness.

Being a high-end device, the Turing Phone arrives in the United States around the month of August, for a starting price of between $ 740 (64GB model) and $ 870 (128GB model). For now, the product is not advertised outside the borders of the land of Uncle Sam. A case to look after, especially if the product seems too good to be true …