Xiaomi breaks all records with 35 million sales in the 1st half...

Xiaomi breaks all records with 35 million sales in the 1st half of 2015!


It is not a question of pride that Xiaomi has published on its official Twitter account the sales results of the first half of 2015. The Chinese manufacturer has once again beaten its own record by reaching 34.7 million sales.

In 2014, Xiaomi has distributed more than 61 million smartphones in the world over the year. A fine achievement that will be certainly exceeded this year. The Chinese manufacturer has set a target of 100 million sales in 2015 and and it looks on the right way to accomplish this goal.

Mi Note Pro

With 34.7 million sales in the first half of the year, Xiaomi attains a growth of 33% compared to last year. But this might be not the most successful half of the year for the firm, since all the chinese brands realize a bulk of sales at the end of the year, during the Christmas holidays.

The other element that makes us think that Xiaomi will reach without difficulty its target of 100 million sales is that the company just commercialized its products internationally, initially in Latin America, specifically in Brazil , Mexico and Colombia. The opening to this new market should necessarily have a positive effect on sales.

The Chinese brand does not rely solely on its commercial strategy to be successful. It also continues the march forward in term of quality and always offers better smartphones at a very affordable prices.

The Xiaomi Mi and Mi Note Pro are extremely attractive devices that have no imperfections comparing to the best flagships of the market. For exemple the Mi Note Pro performs better than the S6 on some benchmarks. And in addition, their prices are far below those of the other high-end phones of LG and Samsung, to name a few. Xiaomi is betting on lower margins but with mass production. In your opinion, Xiaomi’s success is well deserved?