Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro 2015: the first Samsung tablet with Iris scanner

Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro 2015: the first Samsung tablet with Iris scanner


This technology was expected to be featured on the Galaxy S5 and then on the Galaxy Note 4 but it took until 2015 to see the Iris recognition released on Samsung with the new version of Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 that was presented last month, during ISC West 2015.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 will soon have an iris scanner.

Contrary to what you might have expected, this new technology does not come from Samsung but from another company specialized in security and biometrics, SRI International, which has just formalized its partnership with the Korean manufacturer. In addition, the first device of the firm supporting this tech will not be a new smartphone but a new version of the Galaxy Tab 8.4, high-end tablet originally launched at the CES 2014.

This new device will offer to the user a quick solution to manage biometric identity, easy to use and very accurate. Tests have shown that this solution based on Iris scanning was 1000 times more reliable than existing fingerprint readers.

Although the statement did not specify it, we imagine that it will be a test version of the tablet, not accessible to the general public. Samsung has never hidden his interest concerning the Iris recognition and this new partnership with SRI International will undoubtedly allow the brand to test the technology before offering it on its future smartphones and tablets. Here’s what said the vice president of Samsung Injong Rhee last year shortly after the presentation of the Galaxy S5:

We are seeking different types of biometric mechanisms and one of those that everyone is looking for is the Iris recognition.

Based in California, the company SRI International is also the creator of a company called Siri acquired by Apple in 2010 to make what we all know. Note that along with Samsung, BlackBerry is preparing a SecuTablet based Galaxy Tab 10.5.