Disable the “Discovery” Feature in SnapChat 9.11+

Disable the “Discovery” Feature in SnapChat 9.11+


Earlier this year, Snapchat introduced a new feature calledDiscovery” that allows you to see live events around the world, as well as sponsored stories from their partners. These can not be disabled in the 9.12 update, and previous to that, they required you to “hide” each of them every time from your feed. There are potentially thousands of these events on your feed, and they annoying, drain battery, drain your data, or both! Since the application refuses to allow their users to disable the “feature”, many turned to third party apps to get rid of it.


Most (if not all) 3rd party apps are against Snapchat ToS, because they usually allow you to save received snaps, and share images from your gallery (aka. pictures that may not be of you). Your account can be banned permanently from using 3rd party apps, and since they’ve been really hitting it hard with cracking down on people using them, it’s not a viable solution to figuring out how to block the Discovery “feature”.

I found the solution! This solution IS COMPLETELY FREE, as well it will keep you using the official application, so no 3rd party apps will be used. You’ll also NOT be using any xposed modules, so nothing ToS breaking like saving snaps or whatever, either 🙂


How to:

  1. Install the latest official client from the links above, and login as normal. Close the app once you’re logged in, and swipe it away from recents.
  2. Open up Titanium Backup Premium, and back up the Snapchat app.
  3. Uninstall the Snapchat app.
  4. Install the 8.1.2 version (linked above).
  5. Open up Titanium Backup Premium, and restore ONLY THE DATA PORTION of the backup. DO NOT RESTORE APP OR APP+DATA!
  6. Once successful, close TiBu and open up Snapchat


You will get a notice from “teamsnapchat” that says your version is out of date, and that it will stop working shortly, however it’s not limited in any way for me. I’ve sent and received snaps from friends, chatted with friends, and even received story updates from other friends. All of it is working, including push notifications of new stuff.
I’ve not seen or heard anything Discovery wise from the app, nothing appears on my list of friends, and lastly, the data/battery problems are all but gone since it’s not background syncing infinitely.
My screen does turn on whenever I receive a new notification, and I can’t seem to disable it. I’ve unchecked the option to wake screen in settings, however it re-checks itself upon save/exit. I’m OK with this though, since my lockscreen timeout is 5 seconds.