Hidden Android secret codes

Hidden Android secret codes


All our Android devices have hidden menus. Far from hiding shameful secrets, they allow the exploration of functions usually reserved for manufacturers or operators who wish to change a specific parameter (eg frequency used, etc …) through a specific secret codes.

The interest of these codes is often minor but we love so much to discover the bowels of our precious jewels. It is in this perspective that we offer you a guide of the main secret codes for devices running under Android.

List of the main Android secret codes:

Before “having fun” with all these little wonders, be aware that some of these commands can change the behavior of your smartphone, while others may simply delete all device data (such as the Full Reset). Note also that these codes are functional on Samsung devices (like the Galaxy S5), LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and other brands.

Furthermore, the codes depend sometimes from the used smartphones or even the version of the operating system installed. We have tried to compile what said “universal” codes but your device may not respond to all of them. Last tip, back up personal data and history to avoid any disappointments.

To use them nothing more simple, just open the phone call application and enter the codes as if you are composing a phone number. The execution should take few seconds. If nothing happens then the code does not work on your device.

Basic codes:
*#*#4636#*#*To view various information about the phone, battery and Wi-Fi
*#34971539#Provides information on the device's camera
*#2663#Give the information about the touch screen of the device
*#1234# or *#44336#Gives the firmware version (which is displayed in "Settings"=> "About phone" => "Build Number")
*#06#Give the IMEI number, it's the ID of your phone, like the IP address of a computer
#232337#Gives the MAC address, it's the physical identifier of the device stored in the component that manages the network portion SAMSUNG
*#232338#Gives the WLAN MAC address of the device
*#*#8255#*#*Displays GTalk service
*#7465625#Check the network lock (SIMLOCK) of the phone
Codes to test the principal components:

The following secret codes are used to test components of your smartphone or tablet. They are mainly diagnostic tools designed to identify the origin of any breakdowns. These commands can be useful for a customer or repair service.

*#0*#Tests the screen and the speakers of the device
*#*#2664 #*#*Performs a test of the touchscreen
*#0283#Performs loops between the microphone and the speakers
*#0588#Tests the proximity sensor of the device
*#0228#Displays battery statistics (can be also desplayed with the code *#*#4636#*#* seen above)
*#0289#Play a test melody
*#0782#Shows the date and time configured on the device
*#0842#Performs a test on the phone vibrator
*#0673#Tests the (MP3) part of the device
*#0011#Displays basic GSM information of the phone
*#4777*8665#Tests the GPRS and the device configuration menus
Settings codes:

The following codes concern this time some very specific parameters of your smartphone or Android tablet, to be tested with caution.

*#782872#Switches to the Qualcomm USB mode
*#726872#Switches to the standard USB mode
Code for the Root debug mode
*#2470#Enable or disable the beep when taking pictures with the native application
*#78#Displays the administrative settings menu of the Samsung device.
Codes for the system:

This latest batch is probably the most sensitive of this tutorial, but if you have followed our recommendations at the beginning of the article, you do not risk anything serious. However AndroidRealm is not responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of the use of these codes.

*#9900#Recover system logs (RAM, kernel, modem) in files.
*#273283*255*663282*#Copy all multimedia data (photos, sounds, videos) from the SD card to the internal memory of the device
*2767*3855#Performs a "full reset" of the device (erases all data)
*2767*2878#Performs a "custom reset" of the device, which will reset all phone settings but does not erase the recorded data
**04*CPA*NP*NP#Allows you to change the PIN code on the phone or tablet

Among all these small codes, it is likely that only a few will work. Indeed, according to the builders and the installed ROMs, some codes are active or disabled and it is impossible to know which ones are ON before testing them one by one. So we wish you a lucky test!