How to locate your smartphone remotely using Lookout

How to locate your smartphone remotely using Lookout


Most security applications provide a location feature. We decided to test it with Lookout, one of the best in its class. After downloading it from Google Play store follow the tutorial to configure this app.


“I do not remember where I put it … and it’s on silent mode”. No, it’s not Alzheimer perturbing your memory, everyone has forgotten his smartphone at least once. In the car, on the desk, under a pile of magazines, at the doctor, in a bar or just inside a his pants pocket in the laundry basket. In addition, if it is on vibrate or silent mode, it’s the catastrophe.

The app Lookout, like its main competitors, offers a location service of your device. It is free, no need to pay for a Premium version. However, you’ll need to create an account.

When your phone is lost, go to the Lookout website and login with your username and password. Of course you need to have Lookout Security & Antivirus already downloaded and installed. Now you can begin the hunt, here is a short tutorial to show you the way forward:

1Download and sign-up

Go to Google Play Store to find the app Lookout Security & Antivirus. Install it and then accept the different presentations slides by typing on Next. Check Activate Signal Flare so your device signal its last position before running out of power. Complete the registration phase on the application by adding your email, a password and confirm it again before enabling the protection.


2Find your device

Visit the Lookout site and select Connect. Enter the same email and password you chose in step 1 and click Connect. You’re in the Lookout Web interface, go to the section Locate My Phone, this is serious now.

3What to do now?

An icon symbolizing a radar will signal that the search for the location of your mobile device has began. We found it is the mark that will indicate the position of your smartphone. If you are near the place, you can trigger a siren to locate it via the sound that it issues. If the position is unknown, you know, as a last resort you have the option to Lock the phone via a code or to Erase all data if you feel that all is lost.