How to install and use the Android M Launcher

How to install and use the Android M Launcher


Do you want to know a little about the next version of Android, the famous Android M? Here’s how to install and use the launcher of the future version of Google’s OS. It’s very simple.

No need to root your Android device or to perform any complicated manipulation. This little tutorial allows you to easily enjoy one of the innovations of the next version of Android, namely that which is called M (the mystery remains unsolved). Not really ergonomic, this new version of the launcher is a bit tricky. Indeed, the old scrolling system is no more used. Now, the applications are collected on a single page that you scroll it vertically. They are listed in alphabetical order and you can easily find your way by using the letters as a reference or simply through the search tool at the top of the Android M launcher. Note that the use of the Android M launcher requires the installation of an alternative launcher called Google Now Launcher, also you need to download and install an apk named Velvet (from the XDA Developers website).

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Utilization of the Android M launcher

Install and configure Google Now Launcher

Visit the Play store and download the Google Now Launcher application. Once installed, go to “Settings” and click on the tab “Home“. Now select Google Launcher Now by checking it.

Google Now Launcher app


Download and install the apk Velvet

First of all, consider authorizing the installation of applications from unknown sources. To do this, go to “Settings“, “Security” section. Check “Unknown sources“. Then download the app Velvet from the XDA Developers website and install it. Now your new launcher is ready to use.

Unknown Source



This new launcher presents two novelties. Your applications are always sorted and grouped alphabetically. You can also find a search tool (the magnifying glass) that appears at the top right of the launcher. The latter gives you the ability to quickly find an app by entering its name. Convenient because it avoids scrolling all the letters in the launcher.

Android M Launcher


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