How to protect your personal data with AppLock

How to protect your personal data with AppLock


AppLock is one of these Android security apps that block access to your apps with a password. A kind of safe that you will be the only one to know the code to keep your personal data secure.

AppLock, available for free on Google Play Store allow you to protect your privacy by locking access to the applications that you consider “sensitive” like Gmail, settings of your Androphone, your SMS/MMS messenger, bank app, your photo and video gallery, your contacts … it is up to you to chose what type of informations that need to be restricted if your phone falls in the hand of someone else (a little curious one) to which you lend your mobile device. Password or pattern unlock … it’s up to you.

I. Configure AppLock

Open the AppLock application then enter and confirm a password. Next you will need to enter a security e-mail in order to recover the password in case if you forgot it.

II. Block applications

Now check all the applications and features you want to block. The changes will be applied instantly, and you can change your mind at any time.

AppLock Configuration

III. Feel free to lend your phone

Now you can leave your phone in the hands of a guest, which won’t be able to open the applications you blocked unless if he knows the password that you created earlier (step 1).