How to scan QR Codes with QR Droid

How to scan QR Codes with QR Droid


QR Codes, once scanned, can tell you about a bunch of things (bus timetables, the city plan …). It is also necessary to know how to use them with your smartphone! The QR Droid app is definitely the most effective solution in this field.

QR Code

The first thing to do when one acquires an Androphone is to unpack and turn it on (for sure). The second step is to install the application QR Droid Code Scanner. This lets you effectively scan the QR codes present in the street, flyers, business cards, plans or even in websites.
QR Codes are similar to the bar codes, but more complex. Once scanned by your phone, you can directly access a web page, a text or an SMS.

On your smartphone or on your tablet, QR Droid Code Scanner application (available on Google Play) is indispensable since it will open doors. In fact, as soon as you meet one of those famous squares with white background and small squares in corners, you simply draw your smartphone, launch QR Droid and approach your device to this QR Code. The application will do the rest, in few seconds it will redirect you to the link attached to the code. It is as simple as that.

The history of QR codes:
The QR Code was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso-Wave. Originally, it was used to track car parts for Toyota company. The Japaneses are the pioneers when it comes to the use of QR scan, since 2003, this technology is widespread in the country of the rising sun.

1Download and install:

Visit Google play store. Find the app QR Droid Code Scanner in the top right search bar (the magnifying glass). Once the latter is found then choose Install then Accept.

2Launch the application:

Once QR Droid installed, simply click Open if you still connected to Google Play Store. Otherwise go to the desktop or on your application launcher and tap the small icon of the application.


The application launches automatically the camera that serves here as a scanner. To decrypt a QR Code when you are in the Scan command you only need to bring your camera close to the QR Code and to center it relatively to the latter. A notification will alert you that the URL has been found. Touch it (Open URL) to access the related link.