Seven tips to improve the HTC One M9 battery life

Seven tips to improve the HTC One M9 battery life


With its 2840 mAh battery, the HTC One M9 is able to offer an average autonomy but not necessarily above the M8. Most of the time, the phone takes a full day of intensive usage. Nevertheless, always comes a time when one is forced to use the charger. Yet sometimes you only need few tricks to extend the battery endurance of the phone. Here they are:


I. Search and identify the most energy-intensive applications

Sometimes your battery will discharge faster than you would have thought without using the device intensively. The most common cause of this problem is simply in the processes and applications running in the background. Like all Android smartphones, the HTC One M9 offers of battery usage statistics.

To access it, simply go to Settings > Power > Battery usage. Clicking on the SCREEN OFF” tab, you’ll see immediately if the battery consumption generated by certain applications is abnormal.


II. Check if the high performance mode is disabled

If you have already enabled developers options for your M9, then you’ve probably noticed that they proposed a high-performance mode. You may even have it already on, just to see if it could make your phone faster. Well actually, this is the case since this mode runs the processor at full speed without worrying about the impact on the battery which is unfortunately disastrous. A good reason to leave it off.


III. Use the Power savermode

To improve its autonomy, the HTC One M9 offers a “Power saver” mode that can be used continuously without affecting the performance of the phone. Concretely, when chosen, it reduces the screen brightness, disables vibrations, pauses the data connections and turns off the A57 quad-core processor to leave only the A53 cores on which are far less energy intensive. To activate it, simply go to Settings > Power.


IV. Use the “Extreme power saving” mode

What to do if the Power savermode is not enough or you simply do not have enough battery to keep your phone on until the end of the day and you are expecting an important phone call? Think of about the Extreme power saving mode” mode. Always accessible through Settings > Power.

Once this mode activated, you only have access to basic features of the phone: calls, SMS, emails, calendar and calculator. So use this mode only in case of emergency. However, this option can save your day by extending the autonomy of the phone for several hours and in some cases, it may be very helpful.


V. Enable Automatic brightness

We must admit, we all tend to put our smartphones on maximum brightness without using the automatic mode. Yet we must keep in mind that this is the most energy intensive component of the phone. By activating the “Automatic brightness”, you can save a considerable amount of energy while maintaining good readability and an optimal reading comfort since the brightness display adapts to ambient light.

To activate this mode, you simply go to Settings > Display & gestures > Brightness and check the box or go through the quick settings. Of course, do not wait to be at 10% of battery power to switch automatic brightness.


VI. Invest in a fast charger

Like the most recent smartphones equipped with Snapdragon processor, the HTC One M9 is compatible with fast charging QuickCharge 2.0 developed by Qualcomm. Unfortunately the default charger delivered with the device is not a fast charger as in the case of the Galaxy Nexus Note 4 or 6, forcing you to invest in a new one. Nevertheless, you can find reliable rapid chargers for charging over half of the battery capacity in just 30 minutes.

The official HTC charger “Rapid Charger 2.0” can be easily found in the market for less than 25 $.


VII. Use an external battery

As you already know, the M9 battery is unfortunately not removable. This can be a problem especially when you can’t find a power source nearby, such as when you are on vacation. However, it is possible to use an external battery easily found in the market with prices that ranges depending of the capabilities, But be careful, do not buy unknown brands.