Android Wear 5.1 functionalities

Android Wear 5.1 functionalities [with videos]


Google announced Android Wear 5.1 with Wi-Fi support, but it is not the only new feature of the update. This is what brings the 5.1:

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The new Android Wear 5.1 feature what caused a stir, it is obviously the Wi-Fi support and the Apps launcher. So how does it work? Because, without keyboard, it’s a bit complicated to enter the network password.

After activating the functionality and the chosen network that you will connect, the password needs to be entered via your smartphone. Afterwards, you can configure a delay before cutting off the Wi-Fi to conserve the battery. In Fact, this feature is intended to help you out when your phone is too far from your watch (the distance of Bluetooth is more limited than the Wi-Fi’s one).

When a new application is installed on the watch, you will also receive a notification to use it. It is true that this feature is a must for the system and that we are not necessarily aware of the applications we install.

The notification when installing an app – Photo by

Besides that, it is now possible to get rid of a notif at a time and not the entire block that contains multiple notifications.
Finally, Android Wear is equipped with a screen lock like in our smartphones and tablets, so a scheme can defined to protect the watch. Thus, if the watch is stolen, it can not be used. The scheme is triggered only when the connection with the smartphone is lost. However, AndroidPolice, which already tested the feature, has had some problems with it.