Android Wear will feature calls from watches

Android Wear will feature calls from watches


Android Wear has changed little in a year, but some already foresee the arrival of a new option compatible with the operating system: the possibility of using a speaker and even making calls from the watch.

And if the next Android Wear update authorizes the watches with the OS (and a duet of microphone and speaker) to make phone calls? This is what Artem Russakovskii confirming, a journalist at Android Police, and generally very well informed.

According to a message posted on his Google+ account, the man says “Android Wear will support watches with speakers and telephone calls from the watch”, but no further details on a possible schedule defined by Google. The ability to include calls on watches has nothing original in itself, a functionality requiring only little hardware. The feature was also been built by Samsung in its Gear S under Tizen and more recently in the Apple Watch. More reason to get it started? Our colleague believes, even if the feature looks friendly, it’s quite puzzling, since it requires a calm and cut short any discretion.

Some, however, hope that the possibility of using a speaker will offer a little more beneficial uses, particularly in terms of GPS navigation with voice guidance, or even streaming music. We can expect more information at the Google I/O even as an announcement, keep in mind that watches currently available under Android Wear are not equipped with the necessary speaker to benefit of such option.