BETTER RE: recycle your old battery to an external charger

BETTER RE: recycle your old battery to an external charger


A new Kickstarter project linking ecology and smartphones has just reached its budget in the crowdfunding platform. BETTER RE aims to recycle your old battery to an external charger.


The batteries of our former smartphones are the most complicated parts to be recycled for manufacturers. Then why not turn them into external chargers? This is the Kickstarter project of Kiyong Shin that will end soon.

BETTER RE comes as a package with all connectors to be able to add any battery. The principle is similar to an external hard drive enclosures found in stores. Let’s say if we change our phones every 8 months or 1 year in average, it is not uncommon for the user to end up with a second functional device. So instead of throwing it or enclose it into a drawer, better use the battery in the RE BETTER case.

BETTER RE Batteries

Batteries are not made to last a lifetime. Indeed, their capacity decreases with time and In the end, after about two years, the battery loses 20% of its capacity.
Currently with the large batteries that we have in our smartphones, BETTER RE will not allow to recharge a whole phone or a tablet, but it’s greener than buying an external battery that will suffer the same fate and may even degrade faster than a smartphone battery.

BETTER RE is compatible with a multitude of batteries with its design planned for this purpose. It will be possible to use the battery of a 3.5 inches smartphone or conversely recover that of a Galaxy Note for example. The case is 100% made from recycled aluminum and the design is more than adequate since they received a Red Dot Design Concept Award in 2014.


Thus, for 44 $ it is possible to obtain a BETTER RE with a battery. Subsequently, BETTER RE will be sold without battery for 59 $. It is therefore a significant discount and if you do not have a battery in addition, it is practical. Here is the link to the Kickstarter project page. Hurry up, it will be over soon.