Get Intocircuit a 11200 mAh external battery for just $22.99

[Deal Alert] Get Intocircuit a 11200 mAh external battery for just $22.99


If you need a portable charger and don’t have one yet, there just isn’t any excuse at this point. Amazon is offering Intocircuit for a pretty low price, this external battery has a huge 11,200 mAh capacity, it comes with a smart little display to give you accurate informations about the charge level, it supports 2.1A and 1A outputs to charge the most modern devices at a quick pace, and will cost you only $22.99 instead of $59.55.

Intocircuit 11200mAh

As you might have noticed, this brick comes in gray color. The package includes: Intocircuit PC11200 External Battery Charger, 1 Micro USB Cable, 1 Handy Carry Pouch and a user Manual, this external battery is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB charged devices with 5V charge input.

It has two ports, one of which will charge at a 2.1A rate and the other at a slower 1A. My favorite feature of this battery is the small screen that tells you in plain numbers how much charge is remaining, rather than using a series of dots or nothing at all.

If you are interested by this product, check the Amazon link below, free shipping if you order 2!