Google announces a new smart bracelet for healthcare professionals

Google announces a new smart bracelet for healthcare professionals


A new project by Google X laboratories has been revealed, it is a smart bracelet designed for health professionals.

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Google X labs are very prolific. After Google Glass, the lens for diabetics, autonomous cars, a new object has been unveiled: it is a smart bracelet for healthcare usage.

The new bracelet of Google has nothing to do with what may propose Fitbit or Withings. It is intended for the medical specialists and therefore it will not be sold for the general public. This bracelet will be able to measure the pulse, heart rate, skin temperature, the received light and the ambient noise with precision minute by minute. In other words, it is a Fitbit coupled to a Netatmo June with new exclusive features.

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In fact, wearables featuring healthcare sensors are not intended to replace doctors or avoid a medical examination because when a normal person uses these devices he won’t know what to do with the collected data. A study by GfK shows that 30% of hi-tech wearables are abandoned after 6 months of use.

Google aims to offer healthcare professionals this bracelet in order to make medical treatments and surgeries easier. This will allow to control the patient’s situation without having to do a complete check-up every week. It is not intended to become an object under Android Wear. However, we can imagine that this bracelet will communicate in real time with the doctor so the latter stays aware of any complications.

The Mountain View firm did not provide an exact release date since such product must firstly convince various commissions (like the Federal Trade Commission) to be allowed. Google plans to test it in the United States and Europe.