Google Jump: the virtual reality filmed at 360°

Google Jump: the virtual reality filmed at 360°


For about a year, Google gradually inscribed in the field of virtual reality. Having started with google Cardboard which is also about to get a new version soon, it is now with Google Jump that the firm Mountain View continues on.


A device comprising 16 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras perched on a tripod itself crowned with a microphone to catch sounds, the prototypes of Google Jump were developed either by 3D printing or cardboard. The cameras operate simultaneously to capture a field of view of 360° approximately.

We say “approximately 360” because given the rig, there will always be a slight loss of a few degrees due to the spacing between the cameras. Such loss shall be recovered during the post-production of the videos via an algorithm introduced by Google. These videos can then be uploaded and viewed on our smartphones with the Google Cardboard or YouTube that already incorporates a 360 ° function.

The installation immediately calls to the mind the hardware on the roofs of Google Cars traveling the globe on behalf of Google Street View, but with an exception here, Jump capture videos in snapshots. These videos once recorded will then be processed and recalculated to provide more depth to the images.

It is important to add that the plans of Google Jump will be available in open source which means that everyone will have access to the data to make his own Google Jump or even develop it.

The price of Google Jump should be around 4000 euros including cameras. Also, if for now the novelty lies in filming at 360°, it is most likely that in the near future Google Jump will integrate a stereoscopic system allowing it to give a 3D look to videos!