The surveillance camera Netatmo Welcome is available

The surveillance camera Netatmo Welcome is available


During the CES 2015, Netatmo presented its surveillance camera Welcome. On this occasion, the device received many awards. It is now commercially available.


The camera Netatmo Welcome is a spy camera like no other. Indeed, it is able to recognize faces. Thus, each time it recognizes a face, it will be able to send you a notification stating that you just arrived home.

The camera sold for 225 $ is subscription-free, all the videos are stored in the microSD (included). Only a screenshot of your video is sent to the Netatmo cloud in case a thief would have the good idea to steal the device to not get caught. Its design is reminiscent of the weather station of the same manufacturer. It has a panoramic lens 130 degrees and a night vision mode. It connects to the home network either via WiFi or Ethernet.

The Netatmo Welcome has a microSD slot, a micro USB port for power and an Ethernet jack if you do not want the WiFi connection

The Welcome is controlled via an application available on Android and iOS. It will be possible to set the faces recognition to take videos or not when someone arrives and to send a notification. When an unknown face is detected, the camera will automatically take a video and notify you. Moreover, it is able to distinguish between a human and an animal and therefore it will not be triggered during the passage of your four-legged companions. The video is watchable remotely and you can download it to free memory. If it is full, it automatically erases the oldest.

A HD camera at 130 degrees capable of recording at night thanks to a powerful LED

The camera Netatmo Welcome is now available in stores and on the manufacturer’s website for 225 $. As stated, there are no hidden fees, you pay nothing more for it to work.