Samsung will soon market a Gear VR adapted to the Galaxy S6

Samsung will soon market a Gear VR adapted to the Galaxy S6


Samsung has started pre orders of VR Gear headphones specially designed for Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy edge.

VR Gear

The American branch of Samsung has officially announced the arrival of tthe next virtual reality headset Gear VR Innovator for Samsung Galaxy S6. As you can see, this is a version of the Gear VR is adapted to the two new standard-bearers of the Korean firm. It can only be used for the owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, greatly reducing the Samsung user target.

For now, we only know that the product will be marketed in the United States and available from May. However, interested US residents can already preorder. This edition of Gear VR retains the same technical characteristics as the previous one, with a latency monitoring the movement of the head less than 20 ms, and an angle of vision of 96 degrees.

The unknown concerns however Samsung‘s ambitions with this helmet, which we do not know if it will be marketed outside the US borders. Or at what price, but logic would dictate that it is similar to the Gear VR of the Note 4.