SteelSeries announces its new Stratus XL controller for Android

SteelSeries announces its new Stratus XL controller for Android


E3 is currently taking place in Los Angeles and this is the opportunity for hardware manufacturers to present their innovations. Thus, SteelSeries will release its new controller Stratus XL for Android, after another model reserved for Apple.

Stratus XL

For a long time an iOS exclusive, SteelSeries finally released its Stratus XL controller for Android (and PC). It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and it is said that the device will be compatible with a lot of games since the launch.

The Stratus XL controller comes with a customization software for PC called “SteelSeries Engine” to adjust settings, levels of sensitivity and invert the axis. SteelSeries has not affirmed if a similar software will be available for Android or not. Luckily, most games that support gamepads offer an integrated editor for buttons configuration.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

In any case, apart from the design of the Stratus XL (similar to that of an Xbox). it offers nothing new. We certainly have LEDs to know who is the host in case you use several. However, you will need to count on two AA batteries (included) as a power source. The announced stand-by is 40 hours, but we would like to have a cable, especially if the device costs 69.99 $.

Stratus XL batteries

But what is really the advantage of the Stratus compared to other controllers of the same type? We can easily find in retail sites gamepads with batteries and a stand to hold the smartphone for much less, this is not everything, we regret that the manufacturer did not took advantage of this new controller to propose some innovations, especially since SteelSeries is a well known name in the world of gaming. It is more likely that the brand is betting on the Android TVs market more than that of smartphones 🙁

The SteelSeries Stratus XL for Windows & Android will be available since July 2015 at a price of 69.99 dollars. You can find more information on the official website.